Saturday, July 9, 2011

Entry 108 7.5.11

Entry 108, July 5th, 2011, 11:54pm (GMT +2)

I spent the day exploring the bluff near our dock in Ibiza. There is a road that goes to the top, but there's also an unofficial shortcut involving a dirt path lined with fossilized seashells, and an even less official shortcut that involves a decrepit staircase, an abandoned dock, and several stray cats. The view at the top was beautiful -- I just missed the sunset, but I got some other good pictures. There were a trio of round cement holes sunk into the ground that I think used to be a shore artillery battery during World War II . . . they were linked by an underground bunker that I explored using my cell phone as a flashlight. It wasn't very large, and two of the entrances were blocked with rubble, but it was still pretty cool.

The wind was freshening as I made my way down the bluff. The other cruise ship anchored off the coast was using tender boats to ferry passengers back and forth to the shore . . . they must have been having an interesting time of it as the wind picked up!


  1. heheh sorry fot the other ship.
    You still are in the beach only old cities and culture.and i Fucking love it!..i love mch history..have been in venice too? ita like a big art gallry.Beautiful...wish we can meet in any port...
    Hugs David..miss u and the gang..

  2. Yeah, we still have a couple places that are just beaches and partying -- Ibiza and Cannes, mostly. We haven't been to Venice at all, and I think that it's too far from the ship to get to. Are you only on the East side of Italy?