Friday, July 1, 2011

Entry 101 6.28.11

Entry 101, June 28th, 2011, 10:43pm (ship time GMT +2)

I'm working on a project right now writing trumpet chorales of various old hymns. Writing them isn't problematic; recording them is. I only can play one trumpet at a time, of course, and so I'mexperimenting with overdubbing. The idea is that I record the first part while listening to a metronome, and then record the subsequent parts while listening to the first part. The problem I'm running into is making sure that the parts all line up with one another. They keep ending up ahead or behind the original, and I need them to be right on. Part of this is the fact that I'm still working on my own internal time and subdivision, but it probably doesn't help that I'm running this all on my little netbook. There is a tiny bit of lag creeping into the system, which is pretty understandable considering that I'm playing the first track, recording another, and reading the music all at the same time.

This little Toshiba, by the way, has done way more than I expected it could when I first bought it. Earlier I was running Sibelius 6, Audacity, OpenOffice writer, and adobe all at the same time. My program bar is packed with different bits of software I've used for video, photo, and audio editing and decoding, not to mention all the Playstation emulator doodads I've got going on. I really should go buy a second gigabyte of RAM, but it struggles gamely through everything I put in front of it. Even if I wear it out by the end of the contract, it was three hundred dollars well spent.

Oh, and 101 entries! Woo!

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