Monday, July 4, 2011

Entry 104 7.1.11

Entry 104, July 1st, 2011, 10:49pm (ship time GMT +2)

Ah, it feels good to play a good show for people. Tonight's act were called “The Emperors of Soul,” a soul music cover band of four singers from England. By the end of the second show they had the crowd on their feet dancing, and it always feels good to play for people who are dancing.

The Emperors are very smart. Their singing was pretty good and their stage presence was decent, but neither of these were enough by themselves to make for a great show with such a stubbornly phlegmatic British audience. No, they came out to last night's production show and spent the whole show yelling and clapping for the cast, showing their appreciation for their efforts. Afterward, when the cast was like, “who are these crazy people that love us so much?” they introduced themselves and mentioned that they were tomorrow night's act. Tonight, the cast came out and gave them love back during their show, whooping and hollering and providing the spark of energy needed to get the rest of the crowd on their feet. Smart, very smart.

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