Saturday, August 20, 2011

Entry 145 8.16.11

Entry 145, August 16th, 2011, 11:13pm (GMT +2)

There is a famous strip of cafes known as the “sunset strip” in Ibiza. It was a double birthday today among the cruise and spa staff, and so we decided that instead of the usual Bora Bora Beach excursion that we would head to the sunset strip.

The most famous of these is the renowned “Cafe Del Mar.” This is not the original Cafe Del Mar, which is in Columbia (and which I have visited, see Entry ---), but it is the most famous one due to the Bohemian culture and chilled-out mix tapes that the venue is famous for. When we arrived, the cafe wasn't open yet, but we were able to find some seats at Cafe Mambo next door.

The cafes are located on the ocean, with outdoor seating lining the water. There isn't a beach, really, but there is a rocky stretch of land that separates the tables from the water. This is where we hung out, as we didn't want to pay for the 6.50 euro Heinekens (yikes!) or the 16 euro hamburgers (even more yikes!). Instead we bought cartons of sangria from the supermarket and set up camp on the rocks, which worked fairly well except for when the ferry went by and we had to hold our booze and valuables (in that order) above our heads to keep it from washing away.

The sunset strip has a much more chilled-out vibe than Bora Bora beach. The music is quieter and more groove oriented, and the Mambo Cafe earned my undying loyalty by playing a twelve minute long Ray Charles track. There are less guys selling hard drugs, and no hookers, so there is a lot less pressure to party. Instead everyone sits watching the sun go down . . . when it finally sinks below the horizon there's a round of applause. I mean, it goes down every night, so I don't know why people applaud, but hey whatever. It was a good way to spend our day off.

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