Monday, August 8, 2011

Entry 134 8.4.11

Entry 134, August 4th, 2011, 10:39pm (GMT +2)

An odd sunset tonight. There were three competing light schemes all happening at once when I got out to the back deck. The sun had passed below the horizon already, and so the mountains of Spain were black silhouettes against the soft orange glow. Malaga glittered, a golden-orange city of lights along the coast. And finally, the moon was rising to the left, leaving a milky white finger stretching across the water towards the ship. Beautiful, although it was something of an optical mess for my brain.

Still playing on a bruised lip. I socked it two days ago in a freak accident while eating; somehow my knuckle pegged my lower lip. It bruised and bled, but after taking it easy yesterday I thought I was okay. That wasn't the case . . . after four hours of playing today, it is sore again. The biggest problem isn't that the lip is swollen, it's that I adjust my playing without thinking to avoid the pain (I try not to change as much as possible, but some forgetfulness is inevitable). I have to take up the pressure normally carried by the lower lip in other places, namely the mouth corners and upper lip, and they're not as strong. I think tomorrow should be an easy day, so I hope it can finish healing.

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