Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Entry 86, 6.10.11

Entry 86, June 10th, 12:36am (ship time GMT +2)

Our replacement bass player signed on today. He introduced himself with a hearty handshake and the name “Big Ed.” It's an accurate moniker, certainly (is moniker the word of the week? I think it is). He has been working on ships for twenty years and was a musical director on Carnival (I think?) for a while. Now he only works fill ins (shorter contracts, covering people's vacations). He seems like a nice guy. Big dude with a little voice.

Good meditation today. One of the new spa girls saw our show earlier this week and remarked, “it didn't look like you guys were having very much fun. I mean, you have a pretty cool job, right?” She's right . . . I've been trying to return to the “beginner mind” whenever I play.

Malaga has a really strange cathedral. It is shaped like a normal cathedral, but the architecture is totally Greco-Roman. Lots of colums, trangular roofs, and domes – not very much like the other cathedrals I've seen so far. Also, outside the visitor entrance there is a bunch of modern art, mostly bells. There are several of the wooden rockers that the bells hang from (all very large, old, and worn) paired with pieces of sheet metal welded together in various bell-like shapes. Quite odd, but a bit refreshing in my opinion. I can only handle so many effigies of the crucified Christ a day, after all.

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