Sunday, June 5, 2011

Entry 77 5.29.11

Entry 77, May 29th, 2011, 9:04pm (ship time GMT +2)

Course: NNE Speed: 8 knots

Wind: SSW, light

North of Mallorca

I find myself with a minute to spare after two days of activity. Yesterday the orchestra had the busiest day that we've had since I signed on. We worked from noon until around 1am, a thirteen hour day. We had flag parade, a sound check, a matinee show, a rehearsal, two farewell shows, and then two jazz sets. This is nothing compared to some members of the crew who work up to seventy hours a week, but for us it was a lot.

The ship is wandering North, about to clear the island of Mallorca. The mountains, shrouded in wisps of cloud, lie off the starboard beam, while the sun sets off to port. A light breeze catches in my hair as I sit here on the back deck . . . this is a moment of quiet before the rest of the crew get off and begin the night's festivities. A good moment.

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