Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Entry 85, 6.7.11

85, June 7
2011, 10:36pm (ship time GMT +2)

meditation practice is developing. I've been meditating in the
morning and in the evening, as well as at various points in my
practice routine. I am finding it easier to let go and quiet my
mind, although it is still difficult to remain quiet through ten
breaths. Last night I got particularly deep under the surface of
consciousness. I had the acute sensation that I was the sound of a
bell or gong being rung, the vibration never ending or decreasing but
continuing to build in intensity until I was sounding throughout the
entire ship.

“The Three Pillars of Zen,” Philip Kapleau mentions
hallucinations or occurrences of this type. They're harmless and a
natural byproduct of stilling the mind, and can safely be ignored.
They are a good sign, though, that progress is being made. I know
that I should not be attached to any results of meditation, but this
makes me feel good.

spent the day in Ibiza, Spain, today. I went for a long walk in the
evening under the orange light of the streetlamps. The smell of the
ocean at night is intoxicating. It reminds me that California was my
home before anywhere else was. I want to go for a long drive with
the windows down with no particular goal in mind, although that would
be a bit difficult at the moment.

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