Monday, May 30, 2011

Entry 72 5.24.11

Entry 72, May 24th, 2011, 12:10am (ship time GMT +2)

I got off the ship today in Barcelona. Originally I intended to go to the Picasso museum, but after a delay dockside I didn't have enough time to make it there. Instead, I headed for the Maritime Museum (Barcelona had one of the largest medieval shipyards in the world, after all), but it turns out that it is closed for renovation for the next two years. Next I headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art, but by the time I got there they were about to close, and I forgot my student ID so the ticket would have been rather expensive. Beginning to feel slightly frustrated, I sat down at a cafe on La Rambla to drink coffee and people watch, but was informed by the waiter that if I wasn't going to eat there I had to leave. Fine! Gah!

I finally succeeded at getting a haircut at a little hole in the wall off of La Rambla owned by an Arabian guy. He had more hair on his forearms than I've had on my head through my entire life, so I figured he was an expert. The shop was not much larger than my cabin here on board . . . luckily he spoke some English, because if we had to resort to Spanish (his, heavily accented, and mine, just plain shitty) things could have gotten ugly. The cut looks good, and was cheap, too: five Euros. I tipped him an extra, so the whole thing cost a bit less than nine dollars. Ten, if you count the beer I'm going to have to buy the hairdresser on board to pacify her for getting it cut on shore.

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