Thursday, May 5, 2011

Entry 50, 4.26.11

Entry 50, April 26th, 2011, 3:04pm (ship time GMT -4)

Cafe De Buren, Willemstaad, Curacao

Moderate Wind from the SE

The excitement of preparing for the Atlantic crossing is beginning to ease into routine and monotony. In Panama there was an air of hushed expectation, similar to the way on feels just before starting on a long car trip. Now, though, we're getting into the routine of travel. Porting in Curacao today feels like we haven't started on anything new at all, as we've been stopping here for the past several months already. I'm looking forward to Barbados, though – never been there before.

And I looked it up yesterday – I'll be logging over 5000 nautical miles this voyage. Sweet.

The ship is a ghost ship right now. There are around six hundred passengers here for the crossing, which means that there is more than one crew member per passenger at the moment. A couple hundred more will be joining us in Barbados (all Brits, lovely . . .) for the crossing, but that's still two days from now. We've cut the shows to one seating each since we're running at less than half capacity.

We had boat drill again today, hopefully our last boat drill in the Western Hemisphere. In case it gives you any idea where I am on the totem pole, my emergency number is 1169. This doesn't seem so bad until you realize that the command staff starts with number 100 (presumably the captain) and decreases in importance as the number gets larger, and that the crew only numbers 750ish people total . . .

Anyway, I'm off to get back to the ship for rehearsal – we have guest artists on board all week and so I'll be sight reading a show every night. It will be a welcome change.

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