Friday, April 1, 2011

Entry 20 3.25.11

Entry 20, March 25th, 2011, 9:32pm (ship time)

A pretty quiet day today on board ship. I have a fairly ridiculous looking sunburn from our lunch in Cartagena a few days ago. My forearms and forehead burned because of where and how we were sitting during lunch, but its only the tops of my forearms and my face from the eyes up. Now it is peeling, and I'm sure I look super attractive with my forehead peeling like a snake's belly. Oh well.

Also, I think I figured out why there are a couple watertight doors on deck 1. There are watertight doors everywhere below the waterline of the ship (the tank top, the tween deck, deck 0, etc.) but on deck 1 you have broadway (aisle 95, the main crew path to getting anywhere), a wide hallway running the length of the ship that pretty much eliminates any possibility for watertight division. However, there are a couple of watertight doors on deck 1 on the port side amidships that I couldn't figure out -- why have them there but nowhere else?

Taking out the garbage today, I came up with a couple ideas. They surround the trash disposal area of the ship, which actually spans both deck 1 and deck 0. This means there are two possibilities. Because there is no deck between the two, water can flood extremely easily from below, compared to most places on the ship which have limited access between the decks. The other possible reason I can think of is that the incinerator is located in that space. Should there be a problem with the incinerator, a fire could occur, and it makes sense that extra firefighting systems be in place around something with such a large potential for fire. Perhaps as a last ditch method the area can be flooded with seawater, which would make the watertight doors necessary.

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