Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Camino Entry 57

Entry 57, January 20th, 2012

Wet and rainy all day as soon as I got inland . . . welcome to Galicia. I barely made it to Olveira . . . it was solid night as I walked into the city. This is probably because I dwadled on the long beach outside of Finisterra.

I know now why the symbol of the camino is the shell. The beach at Finisterra is covered in them! Thousands, no, tens of thousands. Some of them are larger than my hand. I picked up several for gifts, and to decorate my pack (finally) with a visible sign of pilgrimage. Must wait till after flying, though – no way a shell survives baggage handling.

Then I said goodbye to the ocean. I wet my fingers in a wave and pressed them to my lips. I could taste the salt, and a little stayed in my beard and trickled down my arm. Goodbye, ocean. I will live by you someday.

Ran the gamut of emotions on the trail today, same as always. Part of me is very frustrated to walk back. I think maybe I will not need to walk in the USA on my way home – perhaps my journey has been long and strange enough not to need the trip back Peter speaks of. Has this whole eleven months been a pilgrimage of sorts?

Passed my own footprints today. Now that is a spooky feeling.

In the albergue here in Olveira there is a woman from Valencia and two Germans (Mar, David, and and Sebastian, respectively). They walked with Frank, Ernesto, and Chan Hee! And Ursula! Everybody made it! I am so happy to hear it . . . this means that Jay and I are the only ones of that group from Puenta la Reina still walking. Last I heard he was in León. I told them to visit Arno.

Expenses, Day 57
Coffee: 1.50
Provision: 1.00
Lunch: 9.00
Internet: 1.00
Dinner: 1.00
Albergue: 5.00
Total: 18.50
Trip Total: 1287.56

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