Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Camino Entry 59

Entry 59, January 22nd, 2012

Beautiful, wonderful weather today. Like the first days of spring in Michigan, when no one can pay attention in class.

Definitely sick again. I felt the first symptoms of a head cold two nights ago, and today it has settled in with full force.

I'm having lunch at a little roadside restaurant where I did the same on my way out. Sunday it is full of families. It reminds me of Flap Jack's or the Robin's Nest. All my thoughts are of home.

The wind here is very sweet, but no wind is as sweet as the one that blows over your homeland.

I arrived at the cathedral again and could feel my camino end. It is time to assume the camouflage of the masses again, but I know that inside I will remain outside of that world, and happy to be so.

In other words, time to shave.

I still feel a bit lost as to what comes next, but that's okay. I will follow my enthusiasm. The camino has not taught me what to do, but it has taught me how to do it.

Gotta find an alarm clock . . .

Expenses, Day 59

Lunch: 5.30
Albergue + laundry: 16.00
Internet: 3.00
Donation: 3.00
Total: 27.30

Trip Total: 1336.06

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