Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Camino Entry 55

Entry 55, January 18th, 2012

A very interesting albergue last night. The beds, kitchen, and other facilities were all scattered between three different buildings. One was an old bakery, and another used to be a granary I think. They had all been beautifully converted. Nice and warm upstairs in the old granary.

There was also a good example of a very Galician structure nearby. A small, long, narrow building, with a pointed roof and latticed sides. It sits on a series of pillars above the ground, each of which has a wide protruding lip around the top. A set of stairs, separate from the building, may rise halfway to the door, but no further. They are small storehouses called horreos, built for keeping rodents and the damp away from corn and such (take what you will from this about the size and resourcefulness of Galicia's rats). They dot the landscape everywhere, in various states of decoration and repair.

Expenses, Day 55

Breakfast: 3.50
Lunch: 5.50
Coffee: 1.50
Pastry: .90
Total: 11.40
Trip Total: 1246.66

Graffiti on the back of a road sign:

Hi buddy,
I hope that “to be real” became true, and that the anger got no more food. Finisterra ist nur das ende einer etappe. The real camino goes on. And you are not alone. Be blessed,
-your friend, Glen 6/8/2011”

I found the ocean.

The bathroom stall door in the municipal albergue here in Finisterra is one of the most magnificent examples of graffiti I have ever seen. Every square inch of the thing is covered, in every language that you can imagine. I don't recognize them all, or even half. My favorite is this:

This is not the end. Do not be afraid.”

I have reached the end of my camino only to discover that it is not the end. More to follow.

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