Saturday, September 24, 2011

Entry 177 9.25.11

Entry 177, September 25th, 2011, 1:10am (GMT +2)

Tonight's music: “Be Anything (Darling Be Mine)” Sarah Vaughan, Live at Mister Kelly's 1957

It is an evening of delicious melancholy. A slight alcoholic fog, brought on by whiskey, mixed with a seat in the darkened crew mess, and a few slightly grainy old jazz recordings . . . it's an evening of flickering halogen and dry dust off the street.

Be a beggar/ or a thief

Be my sunshine/ or my grief

Be anything

But darling, be mine”

I'm definitely a night person.

Tonight we played one of my arrangements during the big band set. Our arrangement of “Night in Tunisia” was so terrible that I needed to write another one. It worked out well; a few revisions are necessary, but on the whole it worked out well. It's a strange instrumentation, the orchestra; the horn section has no bottom to it. Two trumpets, trombone, tenor and alto . . . really, we should cut the second trumpet and add a bari player (actually, keep the second trumpet player – that's me).

So the voicings are not working quite right, but the arrangement works. Really, I should have been doing this the whole contract (writing for the orchestra). Missed opportunity, I guess, but I have another week. Maybe I'll write another “Jumpin' at the Woodside” arrangement, since we need a new one of those as well.

This Sarah Vaughn sounds so good – I can't concentrate on my blog writing.

Be the angel/ of my prayers

Be the devil/ who cares?

Be anything/ be anything

But darling, please be mine.”

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