Friday, September 16, 2011

Entry 170 9.17.11

Entry 170, September 17th, 2011, 3:50am (GMT +2)

Feeling the love onboard. We had a real wonderful cabin party last night . . . the situation was vibing seriously hard. It almost reminded me of the old Eureka Street house in minature.

The social networks here on board run in cycles. A circle forms, with a few important people in the center as it's nucleus. There are usually a few couples and most of these members are long-time crewmembers who have been on board more than four or five months (and are generally not officers, because officers are boring (except you, Nicky)). These people host the parties (both in cabins and on theme nights) and generally shape the time, place, and vibe of social interaction on board. They bring in others, members of the group who are less important and are not always present, but fill out the dynamic.

Eventually enough of these core people sign off or are transferred, and the group fractures. Time passes, until eventually a new core forms with different members and the process begins again. I'm in the third cycle here on board after being around for six and a half months. There was an orchestra circle a couple months ago that has since fractured and been absorbed by the new cruise staff/sports staff/cast nucleus. I'm pretty involved in this group -- hence the cabin party last night, and the one we're going to have tonight as well. I anticipate this group fracturing when the ship transitions to Panama and there's a big turnover for Spanish-speaking crew, but I won't be around to see it happen anyway.

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