Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Entry 169 9.13.11

Entry 169, September 13th, 2011, 11:07pm (GMT +2)

Ibiza continues to be the hive of celebration and debauchery that it has always been, despite the passing of the height of summer season. Bora Bora beach was a little less crowded this week, and the bass was turned up a little less, but it remains the everlasting party that it is famous for.

Afterward I was walking back to the ship from the taxi with my compatriots (co-conspirators?) when I realized that we still had an hour left before all aboard. “I'm going for a walk,” I declared. They called me crazy but I left them for a little spit of land near the breakwater.

After a bit of a walk, a clamber up a ruined staircase, and a bit of a scramble across some broken rocks (keep in mind that I'm two liters of sangria the worse for wear at this point) I found myself on the end of the point of land, projecting out into the ocean towards the moonlight. It's a magnificent full moon tonight, and the milky reflection stretched all the way from the horizon to my toes. The white rocks gleamed like daylight, and the only thing I could hear was the waves and the gentle summer breeze coming off the island.

Well, and the jetliners taking off every five minutes. But can't win them all, I guess.

Short version: it was pretty nice.

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