Saturday, January 5, 2013

Camino Entry 38

Entry 38, January 1st 2012

Around twenty of us in the albergue tonight. It is a legitimate adobe building, heated with twin wood stoves. Recently built but very old school. Foggy day all day today.

Rosa made dinner for the thirteen of us who decided to pool our resources. It was good, and there was such good feeling around the table. Many different languages – Frank, the old Scottish guy, is the 2nd native English speaker on the camino so far besides myself.

Expenses, Day 38
New Credential (the old one is full)l: 5.00
Albergue Donation: 5.00
Total: 10.00
Trip Total: 877.14

I think I am learning to relax and allow my progress to be what it is. Learning to enjoy each day instead of focusing on arriving or what I will do when I get home.

I suspect that this is just as important as the lesson I learned on the first half of the camino, if much less dramatic.

So much laughter now at the table, as the two old hospitaleros (volunteers) sit and drink wine. One of them has climbed Mount Everest and has a picture with Martin Sheen. Not on Everest.

Stomach is on and off.

A bit from a peom in the albergue:

. . . the force that draws me to itself,
Only the one above can know!”

I saw Marten today in the albergue! He's traveling with a couple Italians (with whom he can't speak). One of them, a massive shy fellow with a huge beard, is named Conan and is from the North of Italy.

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