Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Camino Entry 46

Coming into the Albergue:

Entry 46, January 9th, 2012

Expenses, Day 46
Coffee: 1.35
Chocolate: 1.20
Albergue: 5.00
Provision: 2.60
Total: 10.10
Trip Total: 1039.84

New day, new challenges.

I am still traveling with the three Koreans, although we walk at different paces. We topped O Cebreiro today, the last tall peak before Santiago. Could not have hoped for better weather – bright and clear all day. It was spectacular climbing through the hills – some real “Sound of Music” shit.

A view from O Cebreiro

We arrived at the albergue in a village named simply "Hospital" (about 7 or 9 km from Cebreiro) just as the sun was setting. It is a beautiful albergue – another refurbished old building, put together for the 2010 holy year. Hot showers, good heating . . . The Master was excited to make dinner, as it was his turn and we had stopped at a little general store/bar/boarding house earlier on the ridge. It is a good thing we did, everything is closed here.

We investigated the kitchen. Ultra-modern style, electric range, big cupboards . . that were all empty! The hospitalera pointed to the sign: “Use of the kitchen (without utensils).” Nothing to cook in! Kwang Sik: “Is it just for decoration?”

Luckily the two Columbians (los Columbianos) have a pot and pan set. We borrowed it from them (what nice guys) . . . the rice is cooking right now, and the chopped onions, potatos, and carrots will go next, with some garlic and magic Korean spices that Master pulled from his endless supply. Mental note: bring spices next time backpacking.

Updates to follow.


This swiss army knife was one of my best purchases in Barcelona, right up there with good boots and a good sleeping bag. So for hiking, make sure you have:

  1. Boots that fit.
  2. Warm bag.
  3. Good knife.

The rice is done, but we need the pot for the vegetables now. So, we have poured the rice onto a sheet of plastic wrap in the center of the table.

This is the real Menú Peregrino! None of that tourist bullshit! Wooooo those Korean spices smell good . . . though it might also rip my face off.


I am on fire! And it is so good! We started with the pot of soup in the center and the pile of rice nearby. As we devoured the food with slices of seaweed, the piles got small enough to poor the rice into the pot of soup, where it soaked up the juices. I can't describe how satisfying it was. Now we're bolting down some sausages we bought as well, and we'll finish off my chocolate for dessert.

What a silly albergue . . . no pots . . .

A lady took a picture of me today in Vega de Valcarce. We spoke a little in Spanish – she and her elderly father are tourists here, I think. She took a picture of he and I together – a real live pilgrim! How lucky! Hahaha.

She said I will eat well in Galicia. I hope so.

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