Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Charlie Chaplin and Super Tuesday

The Super Tuesday coverage has been blasting from televisions on the ship all day. Frankly, I'm pretty sick of listening to any of the candidates . . . and so the following is my little effort to counteract the fear-mongering and garbage that I've been listening to all day.

I've turned to a strange little movie by Charlie Chaplin called "The Great Dictator" that I first discovered at a hostel in Barcelona. Released in 1940, Chaplin plays a Jewish barber who is bamboozled into become the figurehead for the Nazi state. He satirizes Hitler's rise to power, culminating in the famous speech at the end of movie that you can find here:

Please enjoy -- I find it an antidote to more and more of the political discourse these days.

Also, yesterday marked one year since I left home to work on ships. Happy Birthday, blog!

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