Monday, April 9, 2012

Camino Entry 22

Day 22, December 16th, 2011
Expenses,Day 22
Pastries: 2.80
Supplies: 7.60
Albuergue: 7.00
MenuPeregrino: 10.00
Total: 27.40
Trip Total: 502.66

Thank goodness that the Monreal albergue is open!

Itwas cloudy today, then rainy, then rainy and windy. This is the first day of rain in 22 days. I'm fine with rain, but rain and wind and cold are pretty unpleasant together. There was some sleet as well.

The camino is stumbling back to the Albergue with Patrick at 9pm after an enormous Menu del Peregrino, a little drunk and knowing that you have 31km to go the next day. His wife likes that he goes on camino in the winter, because the Spanish whorehouses are closed in winter. Could this get any more Canterbury tales?

Carved into the entrance to a graveyard: “Yo que fui, lo que tu eres. Tu seras, lo que yo soi.” "I was what you are. You'll be what I am."

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