Monday, October 24, 2011

Intermission, Entry 10

Intermission Entry 25, October 25th, 2011, 12:46am (GMT +0)

I arrived on the Independence just in time for another cast install . . . lucky me, eh? The cast here is much larger – instead of the Grandeur's four singers and four dance couples, the Indy has six of each. Some of the shows don't use all the singers, and so they are freed up to sing other events on board. The larger cast makes for a show more like the big ones on broadway – they don't have the entire cast onstage for every number like we did on the Grandeur.

Oh, and there are people flying around on cables now. That was new. Our lead player (a Scot named Dave) told me to watch my head during install, as while they're still learning the routine dancers on cables tend to end up in the pit. I'm not sure how much he was joking . . .

From the notebook, October 7th:

“Winged Victory” is a statue found in Greece and since moved to the Lourve. It used to mounted on an outcropping of stone shaped like a ship (logically enough, as it commemorates a naval victory).

The statue, although incomplete, radiates power. It is a winged woman, missing both arms and head, standing thrust forward as if she's about to take flight. Her clothes, soaked through with sea water, drape over her muscular form and are loosely bound at torso and arms with leather thongs (I've never seen wet, transparent clothing carved in stone before). Her wings alone are dry, straining out and up on either side.

It is a statue that makes one's pulse race – one of those rare works of art whose message in whlly contained in even the smallest atom of its form. The missing pieces in no way decrease the power of the art.

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