Sunday, November 13, 2011

Intermission, Entry 26

Intermission Entry 26, November 14th, 2011, 12:19am (GMT +0)

Two snippets of ship life. First, a real conversation I overheard:

Musician 1: Hey, man, you're signing off tomorrow. Do you have any porno mags?

Musician 2: Nah, but I have some stuff on my hard drive if you want it. So does musician 3.

Musician 1: No thanks; call me old fashioned, but I prefer the magazines.

Second, one of the headliners' new jokes:

A duck walks into a bar.

“Got any bread?” he asks the bartender.

“Bread? Why would we have any bread? This is a bar.” The bartender stalks off.

A few minutes pass. Again, “Hey buddy, got any bread?”

“No! I told you once already – this is a bar, we don't have any bread!” The bartender is getting a little cheesed off. A few more minutes pass before the duck asks again.

“Hey, got any bread?”

The bartender rolls up his sleeves and gets right in the duck's face. “Look. This is a bar. We don't serve bread here. If you ask for bread again, I'm going to nail you by the beak to this counter top!”

The duck is alarmed. Several more minutes go by before he waves over the bartender.

“What do you want this time?!?”

“Got any nails?”


“Good. Got any bread?”

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